Dec 1995

Personal Life

My name is Danial Rassaf and I was born in Tehran/Iran in Dec 1995.

Reading the below sections, you will find out some information about my education and my working experience, but what if you want to get closer and have some personal information? So, let me share some!

When I was six, I had my first Desktop Computer and I remember that at that time, after coming home from the school, I had been doing my homework as soon as possible in order to turn on my PC and start playing computer games.

Little by little I found myself exploring the other programs in my computer and finally I realized that I really like it! My PC's footprint is obvious in most of my childhood memories and for me, these memories are so pleasant. When I inhale the scent of summer and feel the wind blow in my hair I get lost in the old days memories and I feel the joy of them.

During my high-school, I started to improve my abilities and I learned how to a design website, which is one my professions currently.

My other interest is to compose music. Although most of us are having a busy lifestyle but when I find the time and the mood, I try to compose a piece of music or complete the previous piece.



    • 45%45%


    • 60%60%


    • 70%70%


    • 65%60%


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Finishing Primary-School at Sh. Roallahi sch. of Tehran

Finishing Elementary-School at Sh. Fahmide sch. of Tehran

Graduated from Sh. Enghelab High-School of Tehran (2012)

Graduated from Islamic Azad University South Tehran Branch (2020)  / Bachelor Degree in the field of Information Technology




Working Experiments

My First Project/Income (2012)

Commercial Assistant at Afra Chemie Atis ( – 

Commercial Manager at Afra Chemie Atis (Dec 2016 – Oct 2019)

Marketing Manager at Dr. Sh. Yahyavi (Jan 2014 – June 2024)

CEO at Hale Tour (June 2024 – Present)



Max Payne 1, 2, 3

Age of Empires 2

Pro Evolution Soccer


Yas, Hichkas, Pishro

Dariush, Ebi, Ghomayshi

M. Jackson, Akon

Football Teams/Players

FC Perspolice, FC Barcelona

Ali Daei, Ali Karimi

Leo Messi, Zidane, Barthez


Watching Movies

Composing Music

Reading Books

Disc Jockeying (DJing)

Being interested in different genres of music and having some musical experience, I've tried to get involved in DJing and mostly for the fun of it. So although I try to DJ very meticulously and do it based on standard techniques but I can't call myself a DJ as it's a stand-alone profession.

In the field of DJing, I'd prefer to select the host rather than the host selects me. 

My Hero

You might guess that my hero is either Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, but I think you are wrong! Check out the below image:


My Photo Gallery